Anadrol Review – Dosage, Benefits And Side-Effects

Anadrol Review – Dosage, Benefits And Side-Effects

For most of the people the main concern is whether this supplement is legal or illegal. By researching alot, the most answers were that it is a legal steroid in most parts of the world.
This if taken as a supplement increases bone density, fat loss, muscle building and revives tissue in each and every part of the body making body stronger. 

It rebuilds the tissue which have become weak either by some sort of injury or due to increasing age.
It is absorbed well by the body if taken with good amount of protein and calories.

It also helps in increasing testosterone level in one’s body thus increasing its effectiveness in each and every way.

Highly used in bulking it is one of the favourite supplements opted by body builders and weight lifters. It speeds up the muscle building in very short period of time.

Anadrol Review

Unlike other supplements , it gives you real sense of energy and aggression which is highly needed by aathlete.

It maintains good physical as well as psychological balance in one’s body.
It has a smaller half life and thus is taken everyday by user.

If not tested properly one can get easily ill by its effect and high dosage.
Its best part is it burns fat, metabolises the chemicals in proper way.
It also helps to gain 500-700 grams everyday. Recovery rate of muscle is fast and best part is cost – effectiveness as it is pocket friendly.
Hence, it is a huge task to know all the terms of use as it effects different individual in different way.

Anadrol Dosage

As mentioned above having a smaller half life it should be taken regularly and thus it is advised that one should take it in a minimal possible amount i.e. 0.5-1mg per kg per day.
Many body builders advise to take up to 1-2mg/kg/day but it should be one’s own decision on how much he/she wants to take it depending upon the desired results.
The maximum cycle for the desired result is 3-4 weeks.

If taken for long period of time it may cause toxicity of liver and ultimate damage of internal organs causing kidney damage.

Anadrol Benefits

It causes Red blood cell formation and hence is used to treat anaemia. It increases bone mass density by increasing calcium absorption in body and hence prevents osteoporosis.

It increases fat metabolism and increase testosterone level in one’s body. It helps to build a good physique and thus promote weight gain in certain situations.

It is taken orally.
It has also been proved by medical researchers that it causes muscle regeneration and have helped to
decrease symptoms in HIV/AIDS.
It is also found as oxymetholone which promotes body mass density and secretion on collagen helps to
regenerate tissue which gets injured by hard core workout. It also prevents weakness of bones by increasing absorption of calcium and potassium.
Having a plethora of effectiveness and goodness in its formula, it has always been the topmost choice of body builders, athletes and gym trainers.
It enhances the performance and hence is largely used by competitive athletes and weight lifters.

Anadrol Side-Effects

Being illegal in some parts of the world, it often bought from black market which mixes numerous amount of other chemicals in it causing the person great harm.
Moreover, after discontinuation of usage, the person gains a whole lot of fat which in result cause disadvantage to the body by increasing water retention in body.
If not taken properly in small amount, its continuation may cause various diseases like liver infection, liver damage, kidney damage, heart attack etc.
Hence, the foremost task for a person who wants to buy it is to get it prescribed or checked by someone or it may cause a danger to one’s life.

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